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Tewkesbury Park is a great place to live, located on the site of an historic battlefield and what was once a deer park. This website is run by volunteers from the Tewkesbury Park Residents Association to provide information about the area and its surroundings. Our aim is to build a strong sense of community.

The Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) and Residents Association evolved following the establishment of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and the wish of a group of like-minded volunteers to make a difference in our community in 2017 and the Tewkesbury Park Neighbourhood Watch and Residents Association (TPRA) was formed.  We now have a thriving and active membership base and have managed to achieve a lot in this relatively short period of time.

  • Have YOUR say on issues that are important to you in YOUR COMMUNITY.
  • Be part of having input into our exciting future plans.
  • Become a NHW Member and receive regular updates on security matters in our neighbourhood.
  • Join in with our fun social events and meet your neighbours.
  • Work together to help improve our local area.

The creation of this website was funded by a Gloucestershire County Council Growing our Communities Grant

About Us

Details about joining the Association and further information can be found in the Membership area.

The Association has a Constitution, which outlines the principal aims of the group, and how it is set up.

Our Aims

  • To promote the interests of all residents of the area and assist in maintaining good relations between the community, Tewkesbury Town and Borough Councils, Gloucestershire Constabulary and Gloucestershire County Council.
  • To seek to maximise the quality of life of all residents by the promotion of safe and crime free housing conditions, amenities, green spaces and the wider environment of the entirety of the Tewkesbury Park area including all of Lincoln Green Lane, Battle Road, Theocs Close, Lincoln Close and Gloucester Road.


  • To promote the common interests and rights of all householders living in the area regardless of nationality, age, sex, race, colour, religious or political beliefs.
  • To represent and protect the common interests and rights of all householders in Tewkesbury Park area in whatever way possible whenever required by its membership.
  • To perform the function of a properly constituted Neighbourhood Watch committee.
  • To promote harmonious relationships and social activities for members of the community.


The land on which Tewkesbury Park is built is included on the Register of Historic Battlefields to preserve and celebrate its importance.

Lincoln Green Lane was the original road to Gloucester. The first section of this lane now provides access to the Borough Council offices. The Battle estate, as the Tewkesbury Park estate was previously known, was created in the early seventies when these developments took place.

The Borough Council Offices and Leisure Centre site has been established on what was known as Windmill Hill. It was from this vantage point that Margaret of Anjou is said to have watched the Battle of Tewkesbury and ultimately the demise of her troops as they were forced towards the river and killed in large numbers. The piece of land where this took place is still called the Bloody Meadow as it is said that the ground and the river ran red with the blood of the Lancastrian forces.

The Battle of Tewkesbury was fought in 1471 ending the second phase of the Wars of the Roses and securing Edward IV on the throne of England.

The Lancastrians chose the battle ground to make approach difficult. The area now known as The Gastons (Gastum at the time) had been the site where they had camped the night before and was surrounded by hedgerows and ditches.

A walk from The Gastons towards the Abbey Vineyard will reveal the Swilgate river. The Lancastrian line extended east to meet the Swilgate and cover the approach of the Yorkist Army.

When Edward arrived in Tewkesbury, Somerset had already deployed his troops across the stream on the west and Edward sent 200 (possibly mounted) spearmen into Tewkesbury Park to the west of the battle line.

There is some dispute as to the exact positioning of the two armies and the extent of the action, but it is suggested that during the bombardment of Somerset’s troops a detachment of Lancastrian troops outflanked the main body of Yorkists by passing down Lincoln Green Lane to the east of the park.

They attacked the middle ward flank but were forced back across a ditch and hedge, back up the slope towards Gloucester’s men, and were then routed from the rear by the 200 spearmen.

The Lancastrians were then forced into ‘Bloody Meadow’ and many were killed. Encouraged by Gloucester’s success, the other Yorkists succeeded in breaching the line and there was a general rout. The Lancastrians fled the field seeking escape. Prince Edward and the Earl of Devonshire fell. Others, including Somerset, sought sanctuary in the Abbey or escaped through the town, but many were caught and put to death.

Much of the battlefield lies in a Landscape Protection Zone. The Abbey grounds constitute an Important Open Space. Severn Ham is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Margaret’s Camp is a Scheduled Monument. Tewkesbury Cemetery, built on the battlefield, is on the Register of Parks and Gardens at Grade II and its chapels are listed at Grade II. Gupshill Manor Inn is listed at Grade II.

In 1984, a group of local enthusiasts announced they were going to re-enact the Battle of Tewkesbury. It has grown to become widely regarded as the biggest free Medieval gathering in Europe with over 2000 re-enactors and traders travelling from as far afield as France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Many live in full Medieval style for the weekend and welcome visitors to the living history camps around the battlefield, King Edward’s camp on Windmill Hill, and Queen Margaret’s camp in Bloody Meadow. The re-enactors cook over open fires, fettle their armour ready for battle, weave, sew, play Medieval board games, whittle spoons, and a myriad of other things.

All of this is on our doorstep and demonstrates how privileged we are to live in the confines of such an historic site.

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  • Membership is to be open to all householders, irrespective of status. Membership is available to all adult members of the families residing in the estates and roads listed below:
    • Lincoln Green Lane
    • Battle Road
    • Theocs Close
    • Lincoln Close
    • Gloucester Road
  • Membership will be free, unless otherwise agreed by 2/3rds of the membership after voting on this issue and a membership list will be maintained by the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, a copy of which will be available to all those who have applied to join the association.
  • Access to the website membership area will be through completion of Registration Paperwork.

All names, addresses and any other personal information are subject to our Privacy Policy.

Membership is currently £10 per year, following a decision of members in December 2021.

The TPRA is a not-for-profit organisation, and all our team are volunteers. We need a small fund to keep our administration afloat.

Every penny of our membership income is reinvested to support what we do, including all our running costs, web site and Facebook page, provides a small pot of money to support social events and minor improvements to where we all live every year.

Our Annual Accounts are reviewed every year by members at the AGM.

By Becoming A Member You Are:

  • Contributing to keep this website going.
  • Supporting the production costs of TPRA news letter.
  • Invited to our AGM for refreshments and coffee mornings.

We’d love you to come along to our AGM or other events, but rest assured there are no other commitments required of you as a member.

Please complete the online form and we will be in contact with bank transfer details.

The Management Committee of the TPRA.

The Management Committee is responsible for the day to day running of the TPRA. The full name of the Association is Tewkesbury Park Neighbourhood Watch and Residents Association, but most residents just use the abbreviation TPRA or call it the Residents Association.

The Management Committee is responsible for controlling the Association’s finances, and ensuring the TPRA, which is a Not for Profit, Voluntary Organisation complies with its legal responsibilities and founding document rules. It implements the Organisation’s Aims and Objectives, which are reviewed and set each year at an Annual General meeting and generally represent members to the best of their ability.

Who are the Management Committee?

The Management Committee is made up of up to 7 residents. 6 must be elected annually by paid up members of the TPRA in December of each year, when the Association holds its AGM. The 7th member of the Committee is the area’s Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. This post holder is ex officio. This means the post holder is not elected but has a right to attend because of the position she/ he holds, providing they are also a member of the Residents Association.

3 of the 6 elected representatives are the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the Association. They are called the Officers of the TPRA, must be appointed, and have very specific responsibilities that are set out in our founding document – mostly to do with legal and financial compliance.

The Chair’s responsibilities also include the right to exercise a “casting vote.” This is only used when members of the Management Committee or ordinary members at an AGM cannot agree on a course of action and are evenly split on what to do. This extra vote is very rarely used and exercised following consultation with the other 2 officers to ensure the Association can quickly resolve differences of opinion and move forward.

The remaining 3 members of the Committee also have specific responsibilities. These can and do change however, to reflect the workload and priorities of the organisation. Members elected to these positions often use their specific skill sets.

The 2 committee members currently in post were recruited and elected because of their interest and skills in the areas of IT, events management, fund raising and green space maintenance.

What are the specific responsibilities of each committee member and what are their names?



Lead negotiator, Main contact point for Statutory Agencies with whom we work, Legal and Planning Activity, Constitutional Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Tribune Talk, Annual Report and Grant Applications.

Post Holder – Christine Laird

Treasurer and IT

Financial Management, Financial Statements, Compliance with Financial Regulations, Annual Audit and production of Annual Accounts. IT and Web Site Management, Computerisation of TPRA Records, and GDPR compliance.

Post Holder – Mark Wood 


Conduct of Business, AGM Management and Minute Keeping, Record Keeping, Administration Management, Record keeping, GDPR; Constitutional Advice, Standing Orders and Management of Elections.

Post Holder – Tania Phillips

 Green Space Management

Green space management, Maintenance of TPRA Notice board, and Facebook Page  

Post Holder – Sarah Balsdon – Joy 

 Membership and Events Officer

Compilation and maintenance of the Membership register, Assisting with Subscription collection, Organising social events for the benefit of members and posting timely information on matters of interest to members on Facebook. Drafting and contributing articles to the TPRA’s monthly on-line magazine Tribune Talk

Post Holder – Charlotte Hannah Phillips

 Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Post Holder – Sarah Balsdon- Joy

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